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See It Before You Buy It

In-store we have interactive video kiosks to select fireworks products you want to see, where you can watch performance videos before you make your purchase. We also have a row of flat screen monitors down the 500g aisle, displaying product performances of items on the shelves below the TVs. We make it easy for you to compare different products and choose the one that's right for you.

Product Categories

Scroll down to see an overview of the kinds of products we carry.


Packages of our most popular items put together for you. Choose between ground items, aerial displays, or a combination of both.

Multi-shot aerial cakes

One fuse starts a series of timed colorful displays exploding in the air.

500 Gram Heavy Weights

The most heavily loaded multi-shots allowed. Huge, high aerial displays that make for a great finale.

Reloadable Mortar Artillery Shells

Commonly called "reloads". Each aerial shell is manually loaded into the mortar tube, with fuse sticking out the top, lit, and then reloaded. Ranges from inexpensive ball shells, like Holy Cow, to powerful canister shells, like Excalibur.


The rocket's red glare. A flying engine on a stick shoots up to the sky for a burst of color and sound. Launched from a mortar tube or rack.


They launch up and float to the ground, along with different effects. Some light up with flares, some have army men, some shoot a barrage of multiple shoots, some single.

Roman Candles

Roman candles are lit on one end of a stick, where low aerial effects then shoot from. Plant candle in the ground, in a bucket of sand, or in a mortar tube.


The classic ground display, spewing sparks of pretty colors and sound. From tiny little fountains, on up to big 500g fountains.


Classic gold or colored sparks showering from a stick.


Unique items that sit or roll on the ground, sparkle, whistle, crackle and pop. They come in all varieties, like fun little toys.


Banging noisemakers come fused in small strips of 12 to rolls of 16,000.